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Our Ebay Account and Feedback

What is Feedback and how does it affect my reputation?

Each time you buy or sell something, you have an opportunity to leave Feedback about your experience.

Feedback consists of a positive, negative, or neutral rating, along with a short comment. Buyers and sellers build reputations that are based on all the Feedback ratings and comments left by their trading partners.

This information is available in each member's Feedback Profile. Other members can view your Feedback Profile by clicking the number in parentheses next to your user ID. When reviewing your Feedback, members can see the number of positive, neutral, and negative Feedback ratings you’ve received and read comments from other members.

Positive Feedback tells prospective buyers the seller will deliver what’s described, and lets sellers know a buyer is going to pay on time. Because trading online depends on trust, your Feedback is an important way to build your reputation on eBay.


Ebay Feedback = Reputation

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